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Using an outsourced financing company, our customers can be approved in as little as 30 minutes* O.A.C.!  The team at Positive Promotions is fast, courteous, and do everything they can to get you the financing you need.  With low fixed rates, tailored packages, speedy approvals, open agreements and protection plans designed to each person's individual needs you will be in good hands not only with Positive Promotions but also with us!

*Not typical approval time.

For all financing, a Bill of Sale is required prior to the approval process.  Once we have written a Bill of Sale (which allows us to determine if the requested unit is currently in stock) it is then submitted to Positive Promotions who in turn contact you to begin the approval process.

Request a Bill of Sale (All Fields Required)
Please indicate desired type of trailer.
Do you require additional interior height?

Thank you for submitting your request.

A member of our Sales Team will be in contact with you to provide availability information as well as to collect additional information.  This step is to ensure the safety of your privacy.


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